Niue is an adventure playground with many free activities

Namukulu Cottages partners with Magical Niue Sea Adventures to provide you the best diving experience Niue can offer.

Our bike tours

Tour the best snorkeling spots on the island near us on mountain bikes, options include a two hour snorkel/cycle tour or challenge yourself with an adventure cycle on the inland adventure tracks used by the "Rally of the Rock" cycle race.

 Priced from $45 pp (minimum numbers apply)

Diving Special with Magical Niue

Niue's underwater chasms, caves and caverns, coves and canyons, chimneys and arches, coupled with some of the best underwater visibility in the world make diving in Niue a very special experience.

Ask us about diving and accommodation packages.


We offer, deep water, night and naturalist diving options to name a few.


Humpback whales come to Niue's waters each year from about July to September to calve and nurse their young, often very close to shore.

We partner with Magical Niue Sea Adventures who offer Whale Watching trips in their 6.4m boat, where the main objective is getting into the water and snorkeling with the whales, when conditions allow.

These trips are educational in nature, with interesting knowledge shared, not just about the whales, but also about the island, its reef and other marine creatures.

All snorkeling gear is provided.

Tour duration: Approx 4hrs on the water.

Easy walks to view breathtaking chasms are a highlight for many visitors.

Our promise

We do it right, we do it safe or we don't do it at all.

Magical Niue Sea Adventures

Our philosophy

We believe Niue is a very special place and we would love to share it with you.

Underwater paradise

Unspoilt and filled with hidden surprises

Whale watching

Humpback whales come to Niue's waters each year from about July to September to calve and nurse their young, often very close to shore.

Sea Tours

Our sea tours focus on the educational aspect as well as on the experience, on and under the water.

Niue is a natural playground full of fun and beauty

Namukulu Cottages is about 10km north of the main town of Alofi on the sheltered west-side of the island near the coast. The airport is about 12km away and is a very pleasant drive through a number of small villages and plenty of tropical forests. Several restaurants and shops are located in Alofi.

We are situated in a special location where many of the Islands best swimming/snorkelling spots and caves/chasms are all within 3 kms of us with two in walking distance.

These include Matapa Chasm, Talava Arches, Hikutavake Reef, Limu Pools, Hio Beach, Palaha Cave and Avaiki Cave.

Your hosts Michelle and Ross

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